Gerontologist – How to become a gerontologist?


Gerontology deals with the study of changes happening in a person while approaching the older age. It also studies about the diseases which can be seen in the aged people.

Gerontologists are the trained professionals who are responsible for finding the treatment and medication for restoring the health of aged people. They study about the psychological and physical changes happening in the aged people and analyze the abnormalities occurred in them as a part of the ageing process. They find the treatments and medications for the health problems experienced in the old age based on this analysis. They are also responsible for treating the old age patients using these treatments and medications. Gerontologists can work in hospitals, health care center, nursing homes or medical research institutes.

Qualifying Exam

An MBBS degree is needed for the candidates who aspire to pursue their career as gerontologist. Such candidates should also complete MD degree in General Medicine to practice as a gerontologist in any health care organization. After joining in any health care organization after MD in internal medicine, one should obtain sufficient experience in the field of gerontology. Then only they will be considered as an efficient gerontologist.

Who are eligible to apply?

Those who want to pursue MBBS degree should qualify the concerned entrance test after passing plus two or its equivalent with the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology. There will be also entrance test for the admission of the candidates to the MD degree course in General Medicine. Candidates who wish to pursue this course should first qualify this test after completing MBBS. After completing this course, one can join any health organization to practice in the field of gerontology.

Key elements in the process

  • Pass plus two with the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Obtain MBBS degree
  • Obtain MD degree in General Medicine
  • Apply for the job

Skills required for a gerontologist

Gerontologist should have good critical thinking abilities to decide the treatment for a disease. They should have the ability to work with aged people. Good communication skills are essential for them to convey their ideas to the older people. Key characteristics required for a gerontologist is the patience and compassion towards older adults.


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