Government Colleges in Belgaum, Karnataka


Belgaum, which is the municipal corporation for the whole district is considered as one of the main hubs where the students get educated and get into the major career goals. Being the fourth largest city of the state Karnataka, it can easily support huge number of students with the colleges it has. At a distance of nearly 2500 ft above sea level this place is quite notable place and is declared as the second capital of the state. The state consist of nearly 8 engineering colleges for best engineers of the state, 5 medical colleges for saving the lives of the people, Dental colleges which are considered as important though they are valued next to medicine.

Colleges in Belgaum

Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College

Government Polytechnic

Apart from these two there are few more government colleges. These two will give an insight into how well the education is organized in Belgaum. Let us take a clear understanding about these two as of now.

Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College

This college today is quite big with the main goal to excel in medical education, healthcare, research at both national and international level. This dream of the college has come true with lot many NRI students joining into this college to get their medical degree certificate accompanied with proper and complete teaching.

This college gives its students the best environment that is filled with integrity, self directed learning that is most essential when you are growing in age and attaining the capability to read and understand through the topics. The college courses would also let the individual to enjoy the comprehensive, community oriented health care and also culturally sensitive environment so that none of the students forget to follow the norms that are set to be followed when giving treatment to all kinds of individuals.

In the stream of undergraduate the college offers only MBBS where as for post graduate courses it has wide list of varieties like

o M.D

o M.S

o Post Doctoral: D.M

o Post Doctoral: M.CH

o Diploma courses

There are several students who initially will not have a direction as to which specialized stream to select. The big list given below will definitely confuse these kinds of students who do not have a direction.

o Anatomy

o Bio-Chemistry

o Cardiology

o C V T S

o D O M E

o E N T

o Forensic Medicine

o Microbiology

o Neurology

o Orthopaedics

o Radiology

o Skin & VD

o Urology and lot more that are missed out here

Government Polytechnic:

This college that is established presently in Khadi bazaar is good for the basic diploma education that is needed for children who have completed their 10 +2 and are trying to get into some technical courses. This college will definitely answer the thirst that many middle income earning families have for acquiring some technical knowledge that will help them in doing the labor work in production lines in a much effective manner.

So it is your wish as to which course you would like to select when you get a chance to read in this college.



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