Government Jobs after B.Tech Marine Engineering


Jobs opportunities available for aspirants of marine engineering are quite ample. Though the majority of aspirants shall prefer to go for a career in the allied field, some might have the interest to go for other fields such a teaching and banks etc.

The Indian government carries out a series of admission tests for the recruitment of eligible candidates into a variety of departments of the Indian government. More on the employment opportunities that are available for a person after the completion of their education in the graduate level field of Marine Engineering is given below.

Jobs in Government Sector

Aspirants who have completed their B.Tech in Marine Engineering can go for a job in the allied fields or they can apply for jobs with the Central and State Governments. Candidates can apply for the UPSC, SSC and even banking exams. Career opportunities for these professionals are even available with the Indian Defense.

Public Sector Banking Jobs after B.Tech Marine Engineering

Aspirants who accomplish their education in the graduate level field in marine engineering will be able to get jobs with governmental firms such as the National Institute of Ocean Technology and other organizations that come under the control of the Indian government.

Teaching Profession in Government Sector after B.Tech Marine Engineering

Aspirants who are interested in teaching can go for this profession after obtain the necessary qualifications. A postgraduate diploma or Masters Degree in the allied field will allow an aspirant to pursue the vocation of a teacher or Lecturer. Those who are interested in research can pursue the same as well. In fact, aspirants who have a PhD degree in the allied field can get employed as Assistant Professors at the entry level with prestigious institutions of teaching.

How to prepare for all these exams?

When preparing for these examinations, aspirants need to be aware of the questions that might be asked. Currently it is possible for one to get hold of question papers of the preceding years or reference books that give information about a particular examination in detail. Some examinations have particular formats that only get changed once every few years. Because of this, it is possible for aspirants to get more familiar with the question type and pattern. Also it is important for all applicants to cover all their portions within the time stipulated. If they have additional time, they can go through their portions once again. Some good coaching centres will also enable aspirants to enhance their quality in preparation. It is always good to get help when preparing for examination such as these.

Coaching Centers for Competitive Exams for Government Jobs

There are scores of Indian coaching centres that offer aspirants with coaching in the competitive exams. A few of them encompass:

  • A.S. InfoTech Competitive Coaching Institute
  • Brilliance College
  • IMS
  • Infinity Classes
  • RACE
  • Success Point
  • T.I.M.E

It is possible for aspirants to get excellent coaching in all competitive examinations in these coaching centres.



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    sir! i am studying b tec 3rd year(mechanical eng.)i am interested in marine eng.what i do sir?

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    Akshay kumar:

    Sir, i am completed b. Tech (Electrical engg.) i am interested to job in marine engg. What i do ?

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