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Floriculture can otherwise be referred to as flower farming and it is one of the important areas of the horticulture industry, which deals with the study of growing and marketing of foliage plants and flowers. Floriculture includes cultivation of ornamental plants and flowering plants for use as raw materials in different industries like pharmaceutics, perfume and cosmetics or for sale.

People associated with this field are commonly referred to as floriculturists. Officially, this sector was first introduced in the England where flowers were grown in large estates and now this industry has found its entry into many countries like India. Presently, this industry has grown to larger proportions and it offers a wide scope of employment as well. Not only private organizations, but also some government organizations are also operating in this sector in India thereby offering large employment opportunities.

Recent government job notification in the floriculture sector in India:

Recently, only one job notification was issued by a government engaged in the floriculture industry and it is:

Principal Scientist - Directorate of Floricultural Research

Education requirement for finding jobs in government floriculture industry:

For finding government jobs in floriculture industry, candidates must have any of the following educational qualifications:

Master of Science  in Horticulture with specialization in floriculture

Doctor of Philosophy in Floriculture/horticulture

As far as the aforesaid job notification is concerned, Directorate of Floricultural Research, required that candidates must have completed their doctoral degree in horticulture with specialization in ornamental horticulture/floriculture/floriculture & landscaping.

What are the job positions available in the floriculture industry?

In government organizations engaged in the floriculture industry, candidates can find employment opportunities in any of the following job description:

Project coordinator


Plantation supervisor

Plantation expert

Estate/farm manager


In addition to this, many government-run educational institutions are engaged in research activities in the floriculture industry and candidates with any of the aforesaid educational qualifications can find jobs in these educational institutions as well as research associate/junior research fellow.

What is the work of floriculturists in Government organizations?

Normally, the work of a floriculturist includes handling of landscaping projects, nurseries and plantations. These works need scientific management of harvesting, sowing, soil preparation, controlling of climate and administration of nutrients. Some other requirements of the job includes knowledge and skill of purchase, collection and distribution of some raw materials required for the industry. Normally, these skills are offered to the students in the aforesaid floriculture-related courses. A professional qualification combined with interest towards gardening and related activities can make a person to be a successful floriculturist.



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