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If you are aiming at bringing about qualitative change in the life of people by bringing into light the dark side of the society and if you possess the patience to get along with criminals, bureaucrats, politicians and a myriad of people and if you ready to do night shifts, then choosing print media as a career would be the better option. Rather than telling print media as a career, it can be expressed as a mission. It is a mission that generates your creativity and helps you in socializing and in earning name with livelihood. Print media is the oldest form of media and even today it is growing with strength to strength.

Nearly 4000 small, medium and large magazines and newspapers across the nation are registered with the Registrar of Newspaper every year and this indicates that the sector is growing and employment opportunities are also increasing day after day.

Suitability of Print Media jobs:

Most of the young minds, who prefer to enter the print media field prefer reporting, but magazines and newspapers also seek young talents as cartoonists, librarians, computer experts, editors, artists and photographers. Students with writing ability, determination, curiosity, writing ability, photo and graphics skills can easily find good job openings in the field of print media.

Work areas of print media professionals:

Professionals in print media can work in any of the following areas:




Writing columns

Writing comments

Drawing cartoons

Working as Artists


Nature of Work:

Professionals in print media can work in different capabilities like news agencies, magazines, newspapers and internet-based portals as well. Fresh graduates in print media can join as trainees at the editing or news desk and after some one or two years experience, they can get transfer to reporting. However, there might be certain exceptions to this rule since some people directly join as trainee reporter as well. The hierarchy for reporters in most of the newspaper houses is roughly like trainee - staff reporter correspondent – Principal reporter/senior reporter/correspondent – chief reporter – Special representative or correspondent.

Educational qualification requirement:

To begin with a career in print media, a person will have to get an UG degree or PG degree or diploma in journalism and mass communication.  Journalism courses are being offered in different regional languages and English as well in India. Candidates can go for specialized courses in chosen areas like photo journalism, layout designing, page compositions, etc… In addition to educational qualification requirements, candidates should also possess qualities like good general knowledge, good command over language, ability to collect information and report quickly.

Government job in print media:

When it comes to government jobs in the field of print media, candidates can find job opportunities in government institutions running courses in the field of print media as lecturers and professors. Even there are print media houses running under the control of different state governments in India and candidates can find job opportunities in these media houses after successful completion of courses pertaining to print media.



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