Government Jobs in the field of Clinical Psychology


The human mind is one of the most enduring mystery in the entire world since in spite of several years of research, researchers are not in a position to completely figure out the complexities involved in the mental processes of human beings. If you are a person, who is highly interested to unravel the enigmas in the human mind and to offer a healing touch to people with mental illness, then taking courses on clinical psychology would be the better option. Since the number of clinical psychologists is lesser in India as compared to the actual required number, there need not be any worry about finding jobs in clinical psychology.

Courses pertaining to Clinical Psychology in India:

Different courses in clinical psychology are offered by institutions and universities located in different parts in India. Candidates can go for M. Phil in clinical psychology, which is offered by the following institutions:

Central Institute of Psychiatry at Rachi

Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences, New Delhi

National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences at Bangalore

Even there are certificate and diploma courses in clinical psychology and these courses are offered by the following institutions:

Jamia Millia Islamia University

National Council of Educational Research and Training

Job prospects in the field of clinical psychology:

As has been mentioned earlier, there is shortage of clinical psychologists in the nation as compared to the required number. Candidates can find jobs in licensed psychiatric nursing homes and they are needed in non-governmental organizations that are offering counseling services to people who are in need of psychological help. They can also find job as full-time career counselor in schools since the Central Board of Secondary Education has made it compulsory for schools to appoint at least one full-time career counselor under the affiliation of CBSE. A lot of opportunities are open for professionals in clinical psychology in different countries like Singapore, Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. The profession of clinical psychology is at its young stage in the nation, but is expected to expand in the near future.

Government jobs in the clinical psychology:

Professionals in the field of clinical psychology can find job opportunities in government-run community centers, counseling centres, hospitals, medical college and rehabilitation centres. Recently the Public Service Commission of the state of West Bengal recruited candidates for the position of Clinical Psychologist. Likewise, many government organizations too recruit candidates for the position of clinical psychologist.



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