Government jobs in the field of Genetic Engineering


Genetic Engineering is an advanced branch of science that includes different techniques used in changing the genetic material in the DNA code of a living organism. In other words, genetic engineering is changing of characters of an organism through manipulation of the genetic material of the organism. It is a sub-field coming under the main field of biotechnology and this field is having a great scope in India since many companies in the field of biotechnology look for genetic engineers. Professionals in this field work towards the objective of rearranging the sequence of DNA in gene with the help of artificial methods.

Educational qualification requirement:

An individual, who wishes to enter the field of genetic engineering, should take science subjects at the higher secondary level. He/she should have studied biology, mathematics, chemistry and physics subjects for entering into B. Tech in genetic engineering course. Even B. Tech in biotechnology or biochemical engineering can offer the opportunity to enter into the field of genetic engineering. Normally admissions to these engineering courses are done based on state level or nation level entrance examinations. Even candidates can take up B. Sc degree course in biotechnology/life science/biological science or genetics and then they can go for M. Sc in genetics to find placement in the field of genetic engineering. Further after completion of B. Tech or M. Sc in genetics can go for Ph. D in genetics engineering and genetics respectively.

Government jobs in the field of genetic engineering:

Government organizations in various sectors recruit genetic engineers and they are absorbed in industries like research and development, agriculture and pharmaceutics. The best job prospects are offered by government organizations in the field of biotechnology and pharmacy to genetic engineers. They are also offered with attractive pay packages not only in private sector, but also in government sector organizations. Some of the government organizations that recruit genetic engineers are:

National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi

Centre for DNA Fingerprint and Diagnostics, Hyderabad

Biochemical Engineering Research and Process Development Centre, Chandigarh

Institute of Geonomic and Integrative Biology, Delhi


Professionals in the field of genetic engineering can earn not less than Rs.8000 in government organizations in India and candidates with doctoral degrees can earn better income from government organizations.

Personal attributes needed to shine in the field of genetic engineering:

To become a successful genetic engineer, candidates must possess sharp analytical mind, abundant physical stamina to put long hours of work, lively imagination, eye for details, high level of concentration, an aptitude towards research and ability to work as a team. In addition, candidates should possess sound moral sense as well.

Future scope in the field of genetic engineering:

With the increasing number of biotech firms in India, the need for genetic engineers are increasing and they are recruited in firms in other industries like research and development, agriculture, pharmaceutics and medical. In addition, teaching positions are also available for professionals in the field of genetic engineering since a number of institutions are introducing genetic engineering courses in the nation these days.



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  1. 7
    Prajakta Date:

    i hav passed 12th. with physics, chemistry and biology.. am i applicable for genetical engineering, as i don’t have maths?

  2. 6
    bhumi varmora:

    I have already take admission in B.Sc in Biotechnology at M.N.Virani Scince college in Rajkot, Gujrat.
    But I am confuce about my future for genetic engineer, so at least after completed B.Sc in Biotechnology which side I choose for being a genetic engineer? please tell me…

  3. 5
    aditi rawat:

    i am very much confused about what to persue (biotechnology or genetic engineering) as a career option after completing my class 12.. i am studing physics,chemistry and biology..without maths!
    please help me out with a suitable carrer option related to my subjects other than biotech and genetic engineering..

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    Akshay misra:

    how can get addmitions in the genetic engineering colleges?
    what is the free of these colleges?

  5. 3
    Harsha farenjiya:

    I m a 10th class student…i wanna become genetic engineer
    will u plz help me to choose subjects for mah +2 classes….???

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    What is the average salary of M.Sc. in genetic engineering?

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    mohana krishnan:

    what is the averaga saiary of a genetic engineer