Government Jobs in the Field of Plant Breeding


Plants not only offer aesthetic beauty to our gardens and freshen up our lives, but also act as an essential scientific material for our fundamental medicines and requirements. Technicians in this field are called as plant breeders and these professionals offer technical services and support to botanists and professionals working in the field of plant biology and agriculture.

They also offer improved and new crop and plant varieties highly suitable for commercial needs and environmental conditions of a society and they also research on ways and methods of improving plant breeding. In addition to food, plants offer raw materials for medicines, fabrics, adhesives, solvents, building materials, paper and several other products. Therefore, professional in this field work on growing particular plants for particular purposes. They also produce the chemicals produced by various plants to enable scientists to find the new uses of plants.

Plant Breeding as a career:

Technicians in the field of plant breeding specialize in various areas like taxonomy, mycology, limnology, environment biology, conservation work and plant genetics. Some focus on their work on field work for searching new species so that they can be used for experiments, while others study the ecology of plants, which indicates the interaction of plants with the environment and other organisms. Professionals in the field of plant breeding perform conservation work by using their botanical knowledge for helping in management of wilderness areas, rangelands, forests, parks and breed specific plants within an ecosystem. Some of them participate and organize field inventories, documenting species for different types of studies. On the other hand, some of the work in research and teaching field. With the development of plant breeding field in India, there is an improvement in the building materials, fibers, foods, medicines and other products that are extracted with the help of plants.

Academic path:

To become a technician in the field of plant breeding, candidates must complete one or two year college programme in plant breeding technology or botanical technology. Certification in botanical technology/plant breeding or in related field can be obtained through associations of technicians and technologists. Normally, a two-year period of supervises work experience is needed before obtaining a certification in plant breeding technician course. Most employers, prefer candidates with PG in plant breeding or genetics or Doctor of Philosophy in genetics and plant breeding would be preferred. These courses are being offered by agricultural colleges in India and for pursuing a PG course in plant breeding a graduation in agriculture is essential. This field is also open for PG degree holders in Botany along with basic courses in agriculture.

Job opportunities in the field of plant breeding:

Plant Breeding professionals make use of a wide range of methods for improvement in the production of plants. In the current society, plant breeding is regarded as an absolute necessity due to the increase in the demand for new variety of plants that are capable of adapting themselves to changing conditions and also that can satisfy the demands of consumers. It is technique that is being practices all over the world in commercial enterprises and government institutions.

Government jobs in the field of plant breeding:

Plant breeders can find job opportunities in agricultural universities functioning under different state governments in India and they can also find government jobs placements in ICAR institutions, seed production organizations like State Seed Corporations and National Seed Corporations. Recently, Navsari Agricultural University invited applications from eligible candidates for the position of professor, assistant professor/training organizer, subject matter specialist and Assistant Professor for its plant breeding department. Therefore, professionals in the field of plant breeding can find government job in research institutions, universities, agricultural colleges, etc…



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