Higher Study options after B. Sc Forestry


Forestry course offers ample career opportunities and higher study options to degree holders. The courses in Forestry are much demanded nowadays due to increased consciousness in protection of forestry and wild life. The higher study courses improve the subject knowledge of the students and help them to get specialized in a particular area of study.

Some of the specializations in Forestry include:

  • Fire Management
  • Forest Health
  • Forest Reserve System
  • Hunting Legal Notices
  • Timber Management
  • Urban Forestry Program
  • Wildlife Conservation

Higher studies increase the chance of the individual to obtain a lucrative career in Forestry. They can get employed in senior positions with high remuneration packages.

Qualification Criteria for Higher Studies in B Sc Forestry

To undergo postgraduate programs in forestry, graduation in the related area is must. Certain Colleges specify cut off marks along with basic eligibility in admission process.  Sometimes students have to attend an admission test to get selected for higher study programs.

Higher study options in B Sc Forestry

The commonly opted higher study program after B Sc Forestry is Master of Science in Forestry. It is also possible to specialize in a variety of higher study options after bachelor degree in Forestry. Those who have completed post graduate programs can apply for doctorate programs in the respective area of specializations. The higher study options in Forestry are mentioned below

  • Master of Science in Agro Forestry
  • Master of Science in Forest Products
  • Master of Science in Silviculture
  • Master of Science in Soil Science and Water Management
  • Master of Science in Tree Improvements
  • Master of Science in Wood Science & Technology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Agro Forestry
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Biochemistry
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Biotechnology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Husbandry/ Animal Husbandry and Drying
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Forest Products
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Poultry Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Silviculture
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Soil Science and Water Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Tree Improvements
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary Bacteriology

Career Opportunities after Higher studies in B Sc Forestry

Pursuing higher studies in Forestry offers rewarding careers to skillful students. They can also find a bright future in education sector. They can work in Food and Agricultural Organization, laboratories and as Consultants in plywood manufacturing firms.

Other job profiles for those who are educated in Forestry include

  • Foresters
  • Dendrologists
  • Entomologist
  • Ethologist
  • Silviculturist
  • Forest range officers
  • Zoo curators

Those who are employed in forestry are responsible for economic utilization and conservation of forest resources. The nature of the jobs differs according to designation.



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