How to Calculate GATE Percentile?


GATE denotes ‘Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering’ and score obtained by candidates in this examination is being used for the purpose of admission of students to PG courses in Technology and Science. The examination is administered by Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc), which are prestigious institutions for higher education in India.

GATE Percentile is the term used for denoting the standing of a candidate among other candidates appearing for the examination and the score indicates the percentage of test-takers, who have scored less than the candidate in a particular test category. Here is the step-by-step method of how to calculate GATE Percentile:

1. Identification of All India Rank: GATE Percentile of a candidate indicates how well he/she has performed in the test as compared to other test-takers in that particular category of GATE Examination. Category indicates the different subjects in which GATE is conducted like Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, etc… All India Rank of a candidate is issued when his/her GATE Score is published.

2. Total number of candidates in a particular category: When calculating GATE percentile, it is essential to know the number of candidates who have appeared for GATE Exam under a particular subject. Normally, the number of candidates appearing under each category is published when the results of GATE Examination is announced.

3. Calculation of GATE Percentile: Once a candidate has determined his/her All India Rank and the total number of candidates appeared for a particular subject, he/she can easily calculate the GATE Percentile with the help of the following formulae:

P = (N-R)/N X 100

Here P denotes Percentile, N denotes total number of candidates and R denotes All India Rank.

Say for Example, if the All India rank of a candidate is 500 and the total number of candidates appeared under the category is 3000; the GATE Percentile can be calculated as follows:

(4000-500)/4000×100 = 87.5%

Percentile of this candidate in the GATE is 87.5%

What is Valid GATE Score?

Valid GATE Score is a puzzling term for students since two things are associated with it, one is the validity of the score (i.e.) the time period for which the score will be valid for admission to PG courses and the other is the valid score secured by candidates. GATE Score is generally valid for a period of two years. For instance, if a candidate has secured a valid score in GATE in the year 2010, he/she will be eligible for admission to PG courses until end of year 2011.

When it comes to Valid GATE score, the score will be valid only when a candidate has secured more than the minimum qualifying mark specified by the IITs and IISc.

Evaluation of GATE Score:

Evaluation of answer sheet of candidates is carried out with a help of computerized process using scanning machines. GATE results and details about qualified candidates are offered to organizations like Educational institutions, industries, R & D labs, etc… in India and abroad on their interest on submission of paper request by the organization. Some organizations are interested in getting these details with a view to selection of appropriate talents.



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