How to Prepare For CBSE 12th Political Science Exam?


The appropriate method to study for the political science exam is to keep on reading the notes again and again.  This exam will have a time period of 3 hours. The paper will hold 100 marks.  Students can spend their time practicing on model papers. They can also refer guides or get coaching from their teachers. Besides this, students also need to have a good perspective on the principles that are applied in political science.

How to prepare if the Business Studies Model Exam was a failure?

There is no need for you to get worried if you have failed the model exam. You can keep on practice writing. Writing will help you understand the pattern of the subject you are studying about. Besides this, you will be able to remember the answers when you appear for the finals. It will also be a good idea if you go through your notes and text books. Having a familiarity with your notes and textbooks will ascertain that you have left nothing in your portions.  Highlighting important points and later combining them into a booklet or guide is also a fine idea.

How to prepare if Business Studies Model Exam was a success?

Be happy that you got good marks and start studying hard once again. As you might have understood the difficulty of the questions set, you will be able to comprehend the exam pattern better. You must always practice writing. Never think that you have learned everything. There might be simple points that you might have missed. Read your notes thoroughly before you appear for the finals.

Tips and Tricks for the Political science Exam

  • Note down important points when you study.
  • Always select a good and peaceful atmosphere to study.
  • Practice solving old question papers.
  • Always write in a neat and understandable manner. Evaluators must understand what you mean.
  • Answer the questions speedily, but make sure that you do not write wrong answers.
  • Never create problems for yourself by cheating. It will lead to your debarment.

Prescribed Books for Political science Exam

  • General Books For Political Science by Subhash C Kashyap
  • Indian Constitution by M.V. Paylee
  • NCERT text books
  • Senior School Political Science Part II  by Pooja Bharti

Students can also refer to CBSE question papers. This will have comprehensive questions on the topic concerned. Questions can also be printed from the internet. These are considered to be the best methods which will prove to be of very good help for the aspirants.



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    pushpa shanmugam:

    Sir, I am studying BA political science English medium, from Annamalai university. I want to know the method to prepare notes of pol sc in perspective of exams.

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    politial science exam is tough or not?

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    sir i want to know about carrier apportunities after completion of B pharm in govt sector