How to study Bachelor of Science Food Biochemistry in Abroad?


B.Sc Food Biochemistry is an undergraduate degree programme awarded by many universities in the country as well as in abroad. This three year degree programme focuses to create a change in the health and security for the coming generations. The course helps the aspirants to develop a better understanding about the outcome of the agricultural raw materials. It also aims in giving knowledge about different food technologies such as preservation, packaging, processing and distribution, thus ensuring the safety, nutrition value and wholesome of the food products.

Graduates of this particular programme will usually have a critical thinking mind with diverse skills and knowledge of techniques related to the processing of agricultural raw materials. They will also have the working knowledge in a wide variety of areas related to the application of food science and the technologies in this industry. Through the course, the students are able to understand the significance of food to the human nutrition and their safety.

The graduates of this course have numerous opportunities in the food industries nowadays. Since these graduates have a thorough scientific knowledge about the different technical aspects of food beginning from the harvesting to its consumption, they have a great demand in these industries. They can find jobs in various fields like food product development, applied research, consulting, teaching, etc.

Application Procedures

Students wishing to join for the course in foreign universities can either apply via online or send the application form directly via post. For applying via post they have to log on to the concerned university website, which they wish to join, and down the application form for the undergraduate courses. The completed application form should be then send to the specified university address enclosed with the required particulars. Prior to this they have to pay the application fee either through online credit card system or as money order. For online application they have to visit the concerned official website of the university and submit the application form for the programme there. After this procedure they must send the necessary particulars to the university address.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates applying for this programme should satisfy the educational qualification. They must have pursued a pass in the higher secondary examinations or equivalent with 70% or more from any reputed schools. The qualifying examination should be under any recognized boards.

General Criteria

Usually most of the foreign universities will require candidates who have qualification in English proficiency tests. The qualification in international examinations like IELTS or TOEFL is a must for those candidates whose local language is not English. However the minimum score required in these examinations will vary depending on the universities in which they are applying for.

Application Requirements

The previous academic records are the most important requirement for applying in this course. Those candidates with excellent educational records and other required qualifications will get admission in this undergraduate course easily. The application requirement will vary from universities to universities.



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