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The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, West Bengal, is one of the most renowned, and reputed engineering college of the region, and the second best Indian Institute of Technology, it is known for the postgraduate research fellowships, the undergraduate, and the post graduate engineering degree programs. In the official website of IIT Kharagpur, you can find various links pertaining to the activities of the institution.

Website Review

Designed in a simple and very normal fashion, the home page gives a very simple look at the beginning, but pertaining to the links provided, and the way it is organized, the website shows power in its simplicity. Though the site looks unprofessional in the first instant, but it’s a very good attempt as per the structure and design is concerned. The site is small in size so it can be loaded in a very good speed, so this optimization is required in order to reach every nook and corner of the country where internet connections are not so fast.

Various Sections

There are five sections in the front page, namely the Institute, Academics, Happenings, Quick Links, and students. A scrolling list is also provided at the top of the site, where latest notices scroll and when you move your mouse pointer on it, you can actually click on it to select a particular notice. Just in the bottom of the page there is a menu bar containing links to various entrance examinations conducted by the institute namely JEE, GATE, JAM, JMET etc.

The Institute section contains various links pertaining to the institute activities and its administrative functions, the academics portion features link pertaining to various programs offered and their details, the Happenings portion displays the various student activities going on in the college, and the Students section has links pertaining to students and their notices, the quick link section contains links to various FAQs and the most visited links.



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8 Responses to “ IIT Kharagpur – Official Website”

  1. 8
    Manohar Badwe:

    I wish to know address & phone no. of retired Prof. S.V. Deshpande Physics Department. Could you oblige? I am his classmate Ram Narain Ruia college Bombay.

  2. 7

    I am a iIIT JEE qualified student and my registeration number is 7062455. I have got a seat in your institute of applied geology, five year integrated M.SC course.I am trying to create my account in erp system as mentioned by your information but a problem is created in process of my account. The problem is that when I enter my STAKE HOLDER TYPE then my STAKE HOLDER CODE dissaperars and vice versa. what should i do? As it is important for admission and to register the fees deposit. PLEASE HELP

  3. 6
    kajol singh:

    Iam qualifing student in IIT-2012 with rank in sc category 2203 .I want question ask? JEE counselling 2012 in 3rd round seat allotment will be available

  4. 5
    Bhakti pada Dolui:

    I am selected first iit madras.Then I selected iit kharagpur.what do Ido ?

  5. 4
    Arindam Bhattacharjee:

    I want to download the tender issued by hall management center

  6. 3
    ankush boradkar:

    hello sir,i wish to do my carrier in GEOLOGY,.so please suggest me some better colleges.

  7. 2
    jitendra gupta:

    have u started M.Tech. in electronics and comm. programm

  8. 1
    rakesh sharma:

    i would like to know the procedure of taking admission and criteria for MCA course because i am a commerce graduate and i am willing to study in the MCA course can you suggest me some better college.