ICFAI University MBA General Insurance Personal and Commercial Papers


The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India provides a high-quality course in various areas of management to those students, executives and professionals across the country who are looking for the higher studies in management. General Insurance Personal and Commercial Papers is an important paper providing the practical knowledge in the financial and marketing strategy

Sectional Division in this Paper

There are three sections in this paper containing one word questions, short answers and long answers.

Expected Pattern of the Question Paper

There are three groups in this paper, group A, B and C respectively. The first group contains thirty questions which are multiple choice questions having five options and the candidate is required to select any one option. In this section all the question are compulsory. Each question carries one mark. Group B contains six questions and the marks are indicated against each question. All the questions should be answered and the marks of these questions are not fixed. The third section contains only two questions whose marks are indicated beside the questions. This section, like the previous two sections, has no choices. The questions in this paper may or may not have sub parts.

Marks Allocation

The entire paper is of hundred marks. Section A carries thirty marks, section B is of fifty marks and section C carries twenty marks respectively which sums up to hundred..

Time Duration

The paper carries hundred marks and the time is restricted to three hours.

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    Jagruti Kadam:

    Hi, I am doing Certified Risk and Insurance Management (CRIM) course from ICFAI, Tripura University. I need last 5 years question paper for Insurance Investment subject. Please provide me with the same.