ICFAI University, MBA, International Management II Papers


ICFAI University is one of the advanced, modern, and extraordinary university offering courses in various fields. The university is located in various cities of the country and is imparting quality education since 1985. Very few of us knew about the university because of the less advertisement and publicity. However, the recent development in the ad world and media has presented the real picture of the university in front of the people and that is the reason why the university is so much in demand.

About the subject:

International business is a subject that deals with the topics related to business which deals with more than one country. The subject includes details about the various terms and conditions that are related to international business. The study of various contracts, deals, conditions and factors affecting the business is included in this subject.

Paper pattern:

The paper has three distinct types of questions, and thus is categorized in to three different sections. The first section is a fully objective section with 30 objective multiple choice questions. The marks value of this paper is 30. The second section of the paper has descriptive comprehension type questions. This section has both numerical as well as theoretical questions. The questions are asked from the paragraph. There are all together 7 paragraphs for 7 questions. The mark value of this section is 50. The third section has two long essay type questions. The mark value of this section is 20 marks.

Maximum marks and time allotted:

The maximum marks one can get in the paper is 100. The time duration in which the students are supposed to answer the entire given question is 3 hours only. An extra 15 minutes is given to the candidates for reading the question paper.

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