IETE ALCCS Computer Programming and Problem Solving Through C (CS11) Papers


Computer Programming is one of the most compulsory parts of computer knowledge and students coming from the computer background must possess a good knowledge in the subject. Language C is the study of different part of computer structure and language root.

Hwy This Paper Is Important?

Computer Science and Information Technology engineering students should know this subject well,, this is important for them and the paper is also taught in other branches as it holds its application in every sector. It uses basically languages to program an application such as Java and C.

Paper Pattern Generally Seen

Paper whole together contains 7 questions in it and these questions are kept in 3 different sections. Section A is of only 1 question which is necessary to be attempted, Section B is of 1 question also but this section contains questions of 32 marks and Section C is of 5 questions and 3 from it are required to be attempted. Each question in 1st 2 groups is divided into 3-4 sub-questions for the ease of students.

Questions Which Are Asked More Often

Questions asked in the paper are such as salient features of DOS editor, assembler directives, function of EQU & START flow chart of two pass assemble, full screen editor-and multi window editor, LEX and YACC, need of assemblers, Syntax and Semantics, functions of loaders, deterministic finite automata, parse tree, memory management techniques, real operating systems, working of shift reduce parser, various software tools used for debugging, working of two pass assembler, Finite automata, different types of tools used to design compilers, dynamic binding, purpose of shells in operating system, etc.

Time And Marks Assigned To This Paper

The paper is needed to be solved within 3 hours and marks for this is 100.

Books You Can Refer

  • Let us C by Y. Kanitkar
  • TMH Introduction to Computing
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