IGNOU, Bachelors in Information Technology, Website Management Papers


What is it about?

We are talking about the latest course under IGNOU. This course comes under Information Technology. This exam is based on computer science that deals with websites and internet usage. This paper is updated to meet the needs of today’s times.

What kind of paper to expect:

The question paper is divided into two sections: section A and section B. section A is compulsory while Section B has choices. Section A is divided into twelve questions and the marks are equally divided amongst these questions. These questions are generally short questions. Section A has questions which carry multiple answers and the candidate has to choose one among the multiple answers that are supplied on the question paper.  Apart from multiple answer type questions; this section also carries short questions. Section B consists of three large questions out of which the candidate has to answer two. These two questions are lengthy and also carry designs along with the answers.

How much time are you given?

The candidate is given a maximum of two hours to solve the question paper. Each candidate is also given an extra time of 15 minutes for proper reading of the paper.

What is the marks distribution?

The paper carries 60 marks. The compulsory section carries 30 marks and section B carries 30 marks. The first section is a mix of short questions as well as long questions. The marks that are allotted to the questions in this section depend on weight age of the answer. The other section has two questions that need to be answered. These two questions carry 30 marks that are equally divided amongst them.

What does the subject say?

The subject is a part of BIT or Bachelor of Information Technology. This branch id IT is based on websites an internet usage. The subject depends on software programming and internet. Website management studies require designing as well.

How to prepare yourself?

The candidate must keep even the minutest details in mind as the multiple answer type questions require one word based answers. A good practice of designing is also required as the question needs designing as answer.

Tips to keep in mind:

A candidate should develop a good practice in designing as this practice is a must in solving the question paper. One can also consult previous years’ question papers in order to prepare well for the exam.

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