IGNOU OPENMAT Test for Management Programmes General Awareness Papers


Paper of Management Programmes General Awareness is designed for those students who are interested in making their careers in the field of Business administration. General awareness checks the student’s knowledge about the various topics including history, geography, general science, current affairs, general knowledge etc. Students need to know what is happening around them and remember them.

Which pattern is followed?

Paper of General awareness is not a main paper and it is just one fourth of the test in the OPENMAT. This paper is of multiple choices based questions and each question has 4 choices to answer and only one is correct. The questions do not have any alternative and all of them are compulsory. Also the questions asked are of equal marks. This paper does not have any negative for incorrect answers and hence students are advised to answer all the questions.

Questions asked often:

Paper contains questions based on general knowledge, current affairs etc. Some examples are such as abbreviation “ASSOCHAM” stand for , author of the book “Romancing with Life”, the letters XP stand for in the product Microsoft XP , Picasso, the famous painter was?, Mughal Emperor who prohibited the use of tobacco, Nobel Prize for literature etc.

How to tackle the exam pressure?

It should be always kept in mind that this kind of paper is just designed for the testing of general awareness of the students. The paper will be easier for the students if they daily read newspapers, listen to news and keep a healthy interaction with the whole world. Also, they can maintain a habit of reading yearbook to know the current affairs.

Marks assigned:

Marks in the paper are 30 which can be obtained very smoothly by a student.

Time allotted:

Time assigned to the paper is 45 minutes only.



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