Indian Statistical Institute JRF in Biological Anthropology Papers


Indian Statistical Institute is one of the few institutes offering Junior Research Fellowship in Biological Anthropology. To be eligible one needs to have worthy academic record with M.Sc. in Anthropology, specialization in Human Genetics/ Molecular genetics/ Medial genetics/ Physical/ Biological Anthropology. After satisfying the eligibility criteria the candidates are judged by how they perform in selection tests, academic record and interviews. When a student does well in the beginning two years there is an assessment for senior research fellowship. Both courses together last for a maximum of five years.

Outline of the Paper

There are basically two tests for the candidates to give. The first test is a RAH1 test in the morning and next is the RAH2 test in the afternoon. Both are hundred marks test. The time limit is two hours.

Paper Pattern

The first test has six questions and the first one is compulsory and from the rest five questions need to be done. The second paper is subdivided into three sections. In the first section three questions out of six needs to be done. Other sections also have options. In the second section and third section two questions have to be done out of three questions. There are short answer type questions.

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