ISC Chemistry Papers


The pattern of the ISC Chemistry Examination is given below.

The exam consists of two papers, out of which the first one is a theory paper, and the second paper is practical. Both the papers are of duration 3 hours. Theory paper is of 70 marks and the practical is of 30 marks, in which 20 marks are for practical and 10 marks for project work. The practical examination is based on internal assessment.

The theory paper is divided into two parts. Part I carries 20 marks. This part contains compulsory questions which cover the entire syllabus. These questions aim to test the application, knowledge and the skills of the students regarding the subject. The questions are all short answer types and each carries 1 mark.

Part II carries 50 marks and is divided into three sections, A, B, C. section A consists of three questions out of which two are to be answered. Each of these questions carries 9 marks. From section B and section C also two out of three questions are to be answered. The questions of section B carry 7 marks each and those of section C carry 9 marks each. So in all six questions are to be answered in this part.

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