Jharkhand Board Class 10 Social Science Papers


Jharkhand board’s class 10th question paper of social science covers mainly three subject i.e. history, geography and economic and social development. A student have to answer from all the above three sections.

Pattern of the paper:

The question is divided in mainly three sections. The first section contains question about the Indian history. And the rest of the two sections contains question from geography and economic & social development.

Time duration:

Time allotted for the written test is 3 hrs.


This is an 80 marks based written examination in which the first section caries 20 marks, whereas the second section bears 28 marks and the last section bears 32 marks. The marks are distributed in such a way that each question may carry either 2 or 4 or 6 marks. The mark is written in brackets on the right hand side of the question.

The paper:

The students are required to answer in their own words. Students should not write answer without any context to the question. Neat and clean diagrams may be given wherever necessary. And students are permitted to use stencils and templates for drawing their outline maps as per their necessity.

Number of question:

The total number of question is 24 for this paper. Six questions will be there in each section.

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