Jobs after MBBS


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) is one of the most prestigious degrees offered in the medical field. There are large numbers of opportunities for aspirants after M.B.B.S. The most common trend is to pursue higher education or specialization after M.B.B.S. The medical graduates can specialize in all streams of medicine. The professionals can work abroad if they have interest in going abroad. The aspirants after M.B.B.S. can work in government hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, etc. They can also work in some private hospitals, clinics, laboratories, etc. The medical professionals can even pursue private practice.

Jobs after MBBS

Now days, there are many specialty and super specialty hospitals. This increases the job opportunities for M.B.B.S. graduates. The various employment areas for the doctors are listed below.

Health Centers: The medical professionals can work in various health centers under the state government.

Biomedical Companies: The professionals can engage themselves in various research activities in various biomedical companies.

Hospitals: The aspirants can work as junior doctors in various hospitals in private as well as public sector.

Laboratories: The medical professionals can work in various laboratories as research assistants.

Medical Colleges: The candidates after completing M.B.B.S. can join in various medical colleges across the country.

Non-Profit Organizations: Some aspirants like to help others. They can work with some non-profit organizations.

Medical Foundation / Trust: Many hospitals are under medical foundations and trust. The medical professionals can find a lot of opportunities with such organizations.

Nursing Homes: The doctors can work in private nursing homes as junior doctors.

Polyclinics: The medical professionals can find opportunity in various polyclinics.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies: The aspirants can work for research in various pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Private Practice: The doctors can do private practice at home.

Research Institutes: The aspirants can work in various research institutes.

The aspirants can undertake teaching jobs in some medical college. The remuneration in all the organizations is high after completion of M.B.B.S. Those professionals interested in research can pursue research activities in various laboratories or pharmaceutical companies. There are other options for candidates after M.B.B.S. They take up job as medical underwriting in some private firm. These firms mainly provide insurance after pre medical check ups. Another option for graduates is to work as medico marketing managers in some Pharma company. The aspirants can join as medical writers for some reputed institutes. Another option is to work as hospital administrator.

Jobs abroad after M.B.B.S.

There is lot of opportunities for doctors abroad. The medical professionals need to take up the qualifying exam to get as resident in any foreign country. Different countries consider different qualifying exams. In United States of America the medical professionals need to pass USMLE Licensing exams. In Australia and New Zealand, the professionals have to clear MRCP. In United Kingdom PLAB exam is mandatory.



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