Jobs in Administration Sector


The term administration includes basically the management of the entire process of an organization. The people holding administrative positions are responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of a business thereby contributing to the growth of the same. Administrators are required in almost all the functional departments of an organization.

Administration job profiles

There are numerous job profiles prevailing in the administration sector. The candidates should select the appropriate option from the same. Various job profiles in Administration Sector are listed below.

  • Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Administration Assistant
  • Administration Director
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Admitting Clerk
  • Area Manager
  • Assistant Administrator
  • Assistant Manager
  • Back Office Assistant
  • Branch Manager
  • Business Administration Career
  • Business Administrator
  • Civil Service Administrator
  • Cleaner
  • Communication Equipment Operator
  • Company Secretary
  • Contracts Administrator
  • Court Clerk
  • Customer Service Administrative
  • Data Entry & Information Processing
  • Data Entry Supervisor
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Document Controller
  • Executive Assistant
  • Facilities Manager
  • General Manager
  • Grant Administrator (Issuer)
  • Grant Administrator (Recipient)
  • Health Administration
  • Health Service Manager
  • Historic Site Administrator
  • Junior Administrator
  • Maintenance worker
  • Manager Administration
  • Museum Archivist
  • Museum Curator
  • Office Administrator
  • Office Assistant
  • Office Clerk
  • Office Manager
  • Office Supervisor
  • Operations administrator Career Description
  • Operations Administrator
  • Operations Assistant
  • Operations Manager
  • Part Time Administrator
  • Personal Assistant
  • Product Manager
  • Production Assistant
  • Property Accounting Administrator
  • Regional Manager
  • Support Worker
  • Theater Manager
  • Trainee Administrator
  • VP Administration

Qualification needed for Administration Job

Graduates generally enter into an organization at a junior level. By joining an organization, they work their way up. They enter into specific function in marketing, HR, operations, sales etc. Finally they move into the job of a specialist or management generalist. Another option for entering into administrative field is apprenticeship. They can gain exposure in management through experience. It is important to show ones expertise for the same.

Pros about Jobs in Administration

  • Administrators are needed in almost all sectors. These include health, finance national and local government, engineering, media, agriculture, transport and utilities etc
  • A multinational company with thousands of employees or a small business entity with less than ten employees requires administrators for various functions.

According to an estimate there are around 4,933,000 people working in various sectors in business, office work and administration in India. This number is going to rise as the economy booms.

Cons about the Job in Administration

The employees are very much concerned about their job in this sector.  This put the employee in stress. The employees become de- motivated because of this and their productivity may come down.



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