Karnataka Public Service Commission-Anthropology (Paper II) Papers


Karnataka Public Service commission (KPSC) is one of the most renowned and prestigious examination. The anthropology paper has things that deal with the study of various kinds of human civilization and cultural development that happened with time. The study also focuses on the factors that affect human civilization and cultures. Anthropology paper is based on topics like Neolithic cultures, tribes etc.

Paper pattern:

The paper contains four parts A, B, C and D. These sections have to be answered in the language provided that is English or in Kannada. Section A is for 20 marks and is about short notes on a given topic carrying 5 marks each. Section B is the major section carrying 100 marks and is based on essay types questions carrying 10 marks each and a 10 of these are to be attempted. Section C has 90 marks to it and has 6 questions carrying 15 marks each. There is an option of choosing 6 questions out of 7 questions in this section. In the last and final section D one is allotted marks of 90 marks and one has to choose 3 questions out of 5 questions that are given.

Full marks of the question and the time allotted:

The total marks of the paper are 300, and the answers to all the questions are to be written in the time span of 3 hours only.

Frequently asked questions:

The commonly encountered questions in this paper are from topics like Neolithic cultures and a detailed study of them, tribe- caste continuum and the detailed conceptual theory of this topic, threats to national integration and its remedy, elaboration on Jajmanio system in India, Paleolithic cultures, concepts of P.T.G.

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