Karnataka Public Service Commission-English Literature (Paper I) Papers


The Karnataka Public Service Commission Exam is amongst the leading career based exam in the state. There are many papers available for the students to choose from, on which students will be writing the examination. English Literature is one of the important subjects chosen by the students.

Paper pattern:

The Karnataka Public Service Commission-English Literature (Paper I) paper carries a maximum of four groups, group A, B, C and D. The first group holds a total of four questions and answer of these questions is to be written in about 50 words. The total marks allotted for this group is 20. The second group holds a total of ten questions. The candidates are asked to answer each question of this group in 100 words and each question carries a maximum of ten marks. There are about six questions in group C of this paper and all are of 15 marks. The answer of every question in this group is in about 150 words. These three groups of this English Literature paper are compulsory to be answered by the students. The last group has choice in it. There are five questions in this group and each question is of 30 marks. The candidates have to attempt at least three questions and answer of each question in this last section must be written within 300 words.

Frequently asked question:

The English Literature paper mainly deals with the questions from renowned and famous stories of Nineteenth Century and its moral issues. Questions are also from the famous poetries like Romantic Crisis, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner etc. Generally questions with a given text or reference passage are also asked in this paper. The candidates also have to write brief notes on various movements like Oxford Movement etc.

Total time and marks:

The total marks allotted for English Literature (Paper I) paper is 300 and the total time span given for this paper is about three hours.

Recommended Books:

One can refer a book U.P.S.C. Civil Services Exam - English (Literature) (Main) (Question Papers) from New Vishal Publication. Apart from this, one can also solve last 10 year question papers for beneficial results.

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