KPSC Rural Development and Cooperation (Paper II) Papers


The Karnataka Public Service Commission was first established on 18th May, 1951 under the provisions of the Constitution amendment act. The Commission is set to bring development in various parts of the rural Karnataka along with the participation and cooperation of the local residents as well as the officers and authorities designated for various jobs in it.

About the Paper

The legalization and the authorities are selected by various examinations under the commission. The paper is based upon testing this ability of the students and the various candidates opting for working under these social and public service banners. The Rural development currently inclines to produce new facilities and documents which cover up the whole project of development.

Paper Pattern

The paper (paper 2) is set as the final step for clearing the commission examination. The question paper is similar to the question paper asked in the prelims of the same examination of rural development and cooperation. The question paper is divided into sections A and B out of which the questions 1 and 5 are to be answered mandatorily. The rest are based upon choices and are of long answer type pattern. The marks allotment is equal in each of the cases.


The paper is divided into two languages which are namely English and Kannada.

Time Allotment and Full Marks

The total marks are 300 which are divided into five questions of 60 marks each and the total time allotted is three hours for the completion of the paper.

Syllabus and Recommended Books

The Syllabus covers the basics as well as the complexity of the ideas used in Rural Development and Cooperation and various books provide useful information regarding its values and some of them are written and composed by B. P Gupta and H. R Swami

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