List of Colleges in KLE University, Belgaum


KLE University is a deemed university established in the year 2006 by the KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research, which was formed nearly 90 years ago and the university was formed under section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act 1956. The University was accredited by NAAC with A grade status.

Within a short period of four years of its formation the university has many glorious credits in the form of teaching staff, meritorious students and much international collaboration because of the never ending quest and dedication for excellence. The university offers different certificate, fellowship, post-doctoral, post-graduate and undergraduate courses in faculties like nursing, physiotherapy, ayurveda, pharmacy, dentistry and medicine.

The campus of the university is vibrant and rich in terms of state-of-art medical research center, impressive infrastructure and hospital with superior diagnostic amenities and more than 1800 beds. The e-learning, digital library, Wi-Fi and other amenities offered by the university are equal to the best university campuses all over the world. The university is one among the very few institutions in the country with the entire campus connected with Wi-Fi solution for accessing the World Wide Web. The list of constituent colleges belonging to the university is given below:

Constituent Colleges:

KLE’s J.N. Medical College, Belgaum

KLE Institute of VK Dental College, Belgaum

KLE’s Colleges of Pharmacy, Belgaum

KLE’s College of Pharmacy, Banglore

KLE’s College of Pharmacy, Hubli

KLE’s Institute of Nursing Sciences, Belgaum

KLE’s Institute of Physiotherapy, Belgaum

KLE’s B. M. Kanakanwadi Ayurved Mahavidyala, Belgaum

As said earlier, right from the inception of the university, it has shown constant growth in discovering the new areas of education like formation of school of music, institute of clinical research, institute of public health, etc…So as to meet the ever changing global demands, the university has strengthened its curriculum by integrating information and communication technology.

So as the make its students as responsible citizens of the country, the university has incorporated teaching of Environmental studies and Indian Constitution to the undergraduate students. The university has also signed up Memorandum of Understandings with organizations like, WHO, ICMR and various other universities in South-east Asia and the USA.



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