List of Companies in Electrical and Electronics Industry


Electrical and Electronics industry is one of the matured industry sectors in India. Many private and public sector companies are operating in this industry. This article briefs on some of the major public and private sector companies in Electrical and Electronics Industry.

List of Major Private Sector Companies in Electrical and Electronics Industry

  • ABB Limited, Karnataka
  • Adonis Electronics Private Limited, Maharashtra
  • Amara Raja Batteries Limited, Andhra Pradesh
  • American Power Conversion India Private Limited, Karnataka
  • Anchor Electricals Limited, Maharashtra
  • Apex Econ Projects Private Limited, New Delhi
  • Bharat Bijlee Limited, Maharashtra
  • C and S Electric Limited, New Delhi
  • Crompton Greaves Limited, Maharashtra
  • Delta Electronics Private Limited, Haryana
  • Diamond Power Infrastructure Limited, Gujarat
  • Diebold Systems Private Limited, Maharashtra
  • Elin Electronics Limited, New Delhi
  • Emco Limited, Maharashtra
  • Emerson Electric Company, Maharashtra
  • Eveready Industries India Limited, West Bengal
  • Finolex Cables Limited, Maharashtra
  • Havells India Limited, Uttarpradesh
  • HBL Power Systems Limited, Andhra Pradesh
  • Jacksons Limited, Uttar Pradesh
  • KEI Industries Limited, New delhi
  • Khaitan Electricals Limited, West Bengal
  • Kirloskar Electric Corporation Limited, Karnataka
  • L and T Switch Gear Limited, Maharshtra
  • Luminous Power Technologies Limited, New Delhi
  • Micron Electricals, Karnataka
  • Motherson Sumi Systems Limited, Uttar Pradesh
  • Nippo Batteries Company Limited, Tamil Nadu
  • NTL Electronics India Limited, Uttar Pradesh
  • Paramount Communications Limited, New Delhi
  • Parker Power Systems Limited, Uttar Pradesh
  • Philips Electronics India Limited, Haryana
  • Samtel Color Limited (Group HQ), New Delhi
  • Samtel Electron Devices, Uttar Pradesh
  • Sanmia Sci Technology India Private Limited, Tamil Nadu
  • Secure Meters Limited, Rajasthan
  • Simpson and Co limited, Tamil Nadu
  • Spice Retail Limited (Hotspot), Uttar Pradesh
  • Sony India Private Limited, New Delhi
  • Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, Haryana
  • Surya Roshni Limited, New Delhi
  • Universal Cables Limited, Madhya Pradesh
  • Vijai Electricals Limited, Andhra Pradesh
  • Vishay Components India Private Limited

List of Major Public Sector Companies in Electrical and Electronics Industry

  • Bharath Electronics Limited (BEL), Karnataka
  • Bharath Heavy Electronics Limited (BHEL), New Delhi
  • Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Limited, Tamil Nadu
  • Bihar State Electricity Board, Bihar
  • Central Electricity Authority, New Delhi
  • Central Electronics Limited, New Delhi
  • Electronic Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), Andhra Pradesh
  • Hindustan Cables Limited, West Bengal
  • Igarashi Motors Limited, Tamil Nadu
  • ITI Limited, Karnataka
  • Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited (KELTRON), Kerala
  • Maharashtra State Power generations Limited, Maharashtra
  • Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, Tamil Nadu
  • Teletube Electronics Limited, Tripura
  • Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited, Tripura

The above listed are the major public and private sector organizations in Electrical and Electronics Industry. Apart of these organizations there are many more small scale firms also operating in this industry.



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