List of companies in Environmental Sector


Environmental sector is one of the emerging sectors in our country. This sector plays an important role in the GDP of our country. This sector provides a lot of employment opportunities for the upcoming young talents. There are various under graduate, post graduate as well as doctoral courses that can be accomplished by aspirants in this field. Aspirants in this field can enjoy a wide variety of job profiles as well. There are various Public sector as well as Private sector companies functioning in the environmental sector. Below is the list of companies functioning efficiently in the environmental sector in India.

List of companies in Environmental Sector in North India

  • Aastha Enviro Systems Pvt Ltd
  • ABM Environment Consultants
  • Akar Impex Pvt Ltd
  • Alfa-Therm Ltd
  • Allgreen Ecotech Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Amrit Clean Water Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Central Integrated Pest Management Centre
  • Centre for Science and Environment

List of companies in Environmental Sector in South India

  • 3TIER R&D India Pvt Ltd
  • Aeroto Boldrocchi India Pvt Ltd
  • Amazon Envirotech Pvt Ltd
  • APITCO Ltd
  • Aqua Designs India Pvt Ltd
  • Centre for Environment & Development
  • Chempure Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Clean Air Systems
  • Hi-Tech Sweet Water Technologies Private Limited
  • Green Technologies
  • Green Tech Resource Recovery Ltd

List of companies in Environmental Sector in Central India

  • ANDRITZ Hydro Pvt Ltd
  • Kripton fountains

List of companies in Environmental Sector in East India

  • Andrew Yule & Company Ltd
  • CTRAN Consulting Pvt Ltd
  • PAN Network Pvt Ltd
  • SRK Mining Services India Pvt Ltd
  • Synergy Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd
  • Team Taurus

List of companies in Environmental Sector in West India

  • 3-S Envosolutions
  • Absotherm Services Pvt Ltd
  • ADITYA Environmental Services Pvt Ltd
  • Aireff deTox Ltd
  • Almonard Pvt Ltd
  • Alpha Industrial Engineering Projects Pvt Ltd
  • Anjali Exim
  • Aqua Mech Engineering Corporation
  • Enviro Analysts & Engineers Private Limited
  • Absotherm Services Private Limited
  • Aqua-Air Environmental Engineers Pvt Ltd
  • Capital Controls India Pvt Ltd
  • Cavotec India Ltd
  • Gujarat Environmental Protection & Infrastructure Limited
  • Doshion Limited

Top companies in Environmental Sector in India

Out of the companies listed above some of the companies are the best in the industry. Gujarat Environmental Protection & Infrastructure Limited, Doshion Limited, Hi-Tech Sweet Water Technologies Private Limited, Capital Controls India Pvt Ltd etc are considered to be the top companies in the environmental sector. A lot of new companies are about to enter into this field realizing the importance of this sector in our country. A lot of colleges and Universities in India are building up platforms for youngsters to be fit for this career.



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    I am Suriyakumar, completed M.Sc.Environmental Sciences. Looking for a job. Can you suggest me any jobs or companies related to my field.