List of Companies in Finance Sector


The Indian finance sector is quite strong and exhibits its competence as well as flexibility in almost every area. A financial sector that is established will provide assistance to greater standards of endowments and in addition to this will endorse the economical expansion with its exposure and intensity.

The Fiscal transactions within an organized industry are usually executed by a handful of financial organizations that are commercial in type. The classification also involves banking as well as non-banking enterprises. It is a known fact that the chief controller of finance within our country is the prestigious Reserve Bank of India (RBI). This organization is considered to be supreme in the fiscal structure.

A few other fiscal organizations that have equal significance comprises of domestic rural banks, development banks and business banks.  More on the companies in the financial sector and its listing is mentioned below.

Top Companies in Finance Sector

  • SBI Capital Markets Limited: The SBI happens to be one amongst the oldest financial sector firm in India. It was founded in 1986. The firm specializes in securitization.
  • Bajaj Capital Limited: This firm has a place amongst the top financial services organizations in our country. They offer financial planning as well as investment advisory services.
  • DSP Merrill Lynch Limited: This is a major player in the Indian debt and equity market. The firm offers financial aid and advice to many corporations and institutions. The firm has an array of investor as well as wealth management services and these services are designed in such as manner that it meets the needs of all investors.
  • Birla Global Finance Limited: The firm is a well known subsidiary of the illustrious Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited. The firm operates within the arena of capital market as well as corporate finance.
  • Housing Development Finance Corporation: This is considered as one amongst the best financial sector firms in India. Home loans or NRI loans, whatever the matter may be, HDFC is the one of its kind, one stop solution for everyone’s problems. With branches in foreign nations, HDFC is providing financial assistance to its customers and is capable of helping one and all in all capacities.
  • PNB Housing Finance Limited: This firm is trusted by many people in the country. They offer premium solutions for helping the borrower segment. The home loans provided by this firm come with lowest premium.
  • ICICI Group: This is one of the most well known companies in the fiscal sector. They provide their customers with a number of different financial services.  InstaBanking, ICICI Bank immobile and Online Trading are a few examples. The firm is known for its high class financial services to all segments within the society.
  • LIC Finance Limited: This is one amongst the biggest Housing Finance Company within our country. The firm provides financial services for the renovation, creation or repair of any new or old house or apartment.
  • L & T Finance Limited: This firm was founded in 1994 by the Larsen and Turbo group. The firm has a very prominent name in the fiscal sector. Loans for agriculture, Home, health and pensions are given by them for a long tenure.

One other firm that belongs to the financial sector is the Karvy Group. They specialize in Mutual Funds Services, Investment Banking and many other services. The firm has its centres across our country as well as abroad.

The financial system of our nation has made a very big impact on our society and economy. This is mainly due to the reason that financial services companies are responsible for the healthy growth of the economy. The fiscal services that are provided by finance companies comprise of investment advisory, insurance, stock broking and mutual funds etc.



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