M .Sc in Astronomy


Astronomy is the name tagged to a subject, which lays its great foundation on the observational science instead of the experimental science. In addition, the mathematical analysis, are employed floor the sake of interpretation and discussion of these observations. The course is mainly dedicated to enlighten the students about the diversified aspects concerned with the heavenly bodies. These include their motion, principles and laws governing it, the attraction and radiations of theirs and the effect owing to it, the probable history of theirs and the aspects of their future development; and a lot more in this series.  


The eligibility criteria for the course of M. Sc in Astronomy, is revealed as, that the candidate must have completed his graduation with the subjects of Physics and Mathematics. However, there are restrictions in few of the graduation subjects such as information technology, which are not listed as eligible subjects for admission to post graduation in Astronomy. In addition, there are provisions of entrance tests in few of the universities as the entrance criterion.

Course Outlook:

M. Sc in Astronomy is a 2 years course. These two years includes project works and research paper by the students.

Job Prospects:

There is availability of enormous job opportunities for candidates with a degree of M. Sc in Astronomy. The most significant ones in the list are as Research Scientist, as faculty in different universities and there are requirements of such students in the industrial arena.

Best Places to Pursue:

Osmania University, College of Science

Punjab University

Indian Institute of Science

Patiala University

Aligarh Muslim University

Madurai Kamaraj University



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    Sharad babar:

    I have completed my t.y.bsc in computer science . Can i get admission for msc in astronomy

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    I am studing b.tech in ece. And i want to choose a astronomer line after b.tech. Can you tell me plz with reason ,which is better for me M.SC OR M.TECH in astronomy ?

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    sir im doing bsc in physics maths nd electonics in christ college bangalore .. im intrested in doing MSC in astrophysics which are the good institutions which provide MSC astrophysics .. what are the basic criterias to do msc astrophysics ?

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    i am studing in m.sc mathematics part -2 can i do astrophysics ? is it possible?

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    tell me top institute of m.sc astronomy physics.

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    respected sir, right now I’m doing BSc from Pune university(2nd year). I wants to become an astronomer.guide me the correct ,path with physics.

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    m.sc. in astronomy
    i doing b.sc. in maths

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    M.Sc Software Science is Eligibilty for M.Sc in Astronomy

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    list out types of techology utilized in isro?