Maharashtra Board Higher Secondary-Mathematics Paper-I Papers


The education in school level is very important for all students who want to peruse higher education as it builds a base for the rest of their life. The subject of Mathematics is a core paper and has a vast application in every field, so it will be in demand in every aspect.

Paper Description

Higher Secondary Mathematics deals with Higher Mathematics like Calculus (Differentiation and Integration), Interpolation which finds its application in Engineering and other higher studies related to Science.

Paper Pattern:

Questions asked in the Mathematics paper do not cover the entire syllabus and only half of the questions in the syllabus are covered in this paper. Total questions in the paper are 5. Each question is further divided into sub-questions for the ease of students. 1st question is of short answer type questions and 8 questions are there in that question. Rest questions are divided into 2 sub-questions. There are no alternative in the paper, so candidates have to prepare well for the paper.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper of this subject is a purely numerical. The questions asked are such as from Matrices, Determinants, trigonometry, problems on algebraic equation, calculation in the functions, integration, differentiation, definite integration, integration in part, interpolation. Questions asked are not having any sub-questions and each question in the paper is of equal marks.

Total marks and time allotted:

A maximum of 40 marks can be obtained in this paper and time allotted for the subject is 2 hours only. Each question in this paper is of 8 marks each. Question no. 1 contains question of 1 mark each. Rest questions are divided into question of 4-4 marks each.

Recommended Books:

  • Comprehensive Mathematics by Golden Publications
  • Mathematics by Together Publications
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