Major role of bio chemistry course in enhancing the farming sector


Agriculture is seen as the all time best source of self employment since primitive ages for people all over the landmass. Farmers employ themselves in the fertile landmasses for the sake of nourishing the hunger of their own and of the people all over the land. And hence farming is proved as an indispensable need for the mass all over the world. This indispensable job needs to be supported through approaches of green revolution. And technically this support is well rendered through bio chemistry course.

Bio chemistry course deals with the fertility of the land, protection of the grains, determination of mineral content of the land and a lot of such significant applications. Enhancing the fertility of the landmass and sometimes futility to fertility conversion of it is just a child’s play with the applications of bio chemistry. The hard laboured grain productions of the farmers are rendered a protection shield with the bio chemistry application. A great diversity of insecticides and pesticides which act as demons to the harmful insects and pests, are the beneficial gift to the farmers from this course. Bio chemistry helps in determining the mineral content of a land and suggesting the farmers the particular crop or grain whose production is compatible in that particular land.

Hence bio chemistry course proves its great significance in enhancing the farming sector. Students all over the world pursue this course with great fascination to gaze at the indispensable profession of farming with new ideas and innovative contributions.



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    I have passed M.Sc. in i want to persue M.Phil .in biochemistry/biotechnology.from which institute in M.P. or in MH. i can persue this course?