MBA after BBA


BBA course gives the candidates an insight on the various Business Administration aspects. This course begins with the basic level information. This being a foundation level course the candidates is not fully prepared to enter the corporate world at management level. Thus it is important to pursue MBA course.

Benefits of MBA course

The MBA degree provides the candidates with various area of specialization. They can choose to specialize in the area of their interests. On completion of the course they would benefited in the following areas:

  • Analytical Skills – It is important that the individuals holding managerial be efficient in terms of analytical skill. They need to carefully analyse the requirement or situation before taking a call.
  • Business Knowledge – The course will give valuable knowledge on the various aspects of the business. There will be training provided in both the conceptual way and also the practical way. They will need to go in for internship program which give a practical exposure.
  • Business Networking – While pursuing this course they come in contact with persons from all walks of life. This will include the students along which they are pursuing the course and also the faculties. Also they will be able to approach the seniors too for need basis.
  • Leadership Abilities – The training provides is rigorous. Candidates are thought the importance of time management through assignments, reports, presentations etc.
  • People Skills – This is an important skill as it is important that they know to manage the employees who report to them at the same time converse and transfer inputs to the senior management.

Benefits of doing an MBA course after BBA

Since they have a basis idea of the various areas in the administrative field they will be adapt to the course structure immediately. The course structure of the BBA course follows all the areas that are covered in a MBA course. Only it is at a basic level.

Jobs prospects on completion of MBA

There are multiple options available in this field. Candidates can choose to work in any of the areas that they specialize in. Like Marketing specialized candidate can choose to work in areas like Market Research, Sales, Sales Support, and Corporate Communication etc. Similarly a finance specialist can choose to work in Back office operations, Investment Banking, Trading etc. It is important the specialization chosen is based on the interest of the candidates.



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    bhalinder singh:

    is mba more beneficial from england then india after bba?

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    Hi i have done BBA now i want to do MBA . Can u help me in which field i have to do MBA. I have 4 yrs Experience in Motagage company.

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    after bba i want to do mba from forign university but they require 12+4 yrs study experience . but bba is a 3 yrs course what to do in remaining one year

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    currently I am pursuing BBA. I want to know about all the post graduation courses after BBA. Since BBA includes most of the topics that are taught in MBA so after BBA if I go for any of the post graduation course will I be equivilant to an MBA ?

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    how to answer a question ” why do u want to do mba” in b school interview i hv done bba

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    bonny sharma:

    tell me what i do after b.b.a.

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    Currently I am pursuing BBA and would like to know whether there any added advantages other than what you had mentioned above, like I could continue for MBA and complete it within year time or so.