MBA and B.Tech together saves one year, is it really worthy?????


The combination of MBA and B.Tech courses is known as Integrated MBA. The duration of the integrated course is five years. It is also referred to as dual degree programme. At the end of five years the students will be awarded two degrees, i.e. B.Tech and MBA.

Integrated MBA saves time

Integrated MBA is really a good choice if you pursue the course from a reputed institution. The main attraction of integrated MBA is that you can save one year. Saving one year in your studies is very important in the present day world. In the present day world, time is money. More over, joining work after completing the integrated MBA course will help you gain one year of additional experience, which is not possible for someone who completes the graduation and post graduation through the regular scheme. If it is not an integrated course, the student will need four years to complete the engineering course and another two years to complete the MBA programme, thus making it six years to complete the post graduation. One year of additional experience is very crucial, as it will help in achieving a fast growth in your career life.

Students will acquire managerial and technical skills

Another advantage with integrated MBA is that the student will be exposed to both managerial and technical problems while pursuing the course. This gains increased significance as most the companies look for students with management skills and technical skills. So students from engineering background can get into management positions in companies which operate in various engineering fields. The curriculum of the integrated course is designed in such a way that it covers all the engineering and managements subjects in depth as covered by any graduates or postgraduates in their normal programmes.

Streams and institutes that offer Integrated MBA course

The five year integrated MBA course is offered by many of the leading institutes in India. The course is offered in almost all streams in engineering which includes Civil engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical engineering and many.

Integrated MBA courses are offered in leading institutes in India as IIT Kharagpur, IIT Mumbai, Kurukshetra University, Maharshi Dayanand University, Devi Ahilya Viswavidyalaya Indore, and Vellore Institute of Technology.

So going for an integrated MBA course is of great advantage in terms of short period, acquiring both technical and managerial skills and one year of additional work experience.



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7 Responses to “MBA and B.Tech together saves one year, is it really worthy?????”

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    shashi preetham:

    does the syllabus for JNTH EEE and JNTHMB EEE is same or not?
    Is the syllabus same for MBA and Integrated MBA?

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    I would greatly appreciate, if I can get the list of colleges offering B-Tech and MBA together. Could you please mail the college names?


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    send me the list of colleges that offer b.e and mba together..??

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    S Gnanasekar:

    Let me know the list of colleges/university offering MBA and B.Tech together in 2010.

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    Electrical Wiki:

    Yes of-course it is worthy, if you are doing and MBA individually it will take 6 years, which one will you prefer

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    which colleges are best for MBA and B.Tech together saves one year that i have to apply?

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    rajiv das:

    how to see the application status?