Microcontroller Programmer – How to become a Microcontroller Programmer?


Microcontrollers are the soul of embedded systems which are now extensively used in electronic devices. Its function is same as that of microprocessors used in personal computers. Being a semi-conductor chip, it performs various functions on certain instructions. Microcontroller Programmers are the professionals who specify these instructions so as to utilize the microcontrollers in the required manner. In other words, they are responsible for designing the automated functions of a microcontroller. Good experience is needed to deal with the microcontrollers as each type requires particular kind of instruction to function efficiently.

Qualifying Exam

Those who want to work in an organization as Microcontroller Programmers need an Engineering degree in Electronics or Computer Science. Basic concepts of Microcontroller Programming can be studied during their engineering course in Electronics or Computer Science. But this basic knowledge is not enough to work in an organization as they need experienced professionals in microcontroller programming. So it is better to do any certification course on Microcontroller programming right after finishing the engineering degree course. This course will enable the candidates to acquire thorough knowledge in microcontroller programming so that they can get an opening in any organization.

Who are eligible to apply?

Candidates who have studied Microcontrollers as a subject during their graduation or post graduation can apply for the job of Microcontroller Programmer. Even so, most of the companies prefer engineering graduates having good knowledge about Microcontrollers. Besides educational qualification, work experience in microcontroller programming is needed to apply for this job. If the candidates do not possess any work experience, then they should have exceptional skills in microcontroller programming. They can acquire such skills by doing any certificate course or projects based on microcontrollers.

Key elements in the process

  • Complete Engineering course in Electronics or Computer Science
  • Complete any certificate course on Microcontroller Programming
  • Gain work experience
  • Join any reputed firm as Microcontroller Programmer

Skills required for a Microcontroller Programmer

Programming skills are the most essential skill required for a Microcontroller Programmer. Good analytical skills are also required for them to check whether each instruction can cause positive impact on microcontroller. They need to have good communication skills as well.



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    is a basic btech degree in computer science enough to study microcontroller programmer?which institution offers this cource in india