Minerologist –How to become a Minerologist?


Minerologists are the scientists who examines and identify minerals, precious stones and gems that are found in earth’s crust. They study about the structure, surface marking and characteristics of these materials through microscopic examinations. They specialize in either high temperature geochemistry or low temperature geochemistry. The reaction of minerals under the earth crust or volcanoes is studied in high temperature while the behavior of minerals near to the earth crust is studied on low temperature geochemistry. Mineroloigists are usually employed in mining industry as quality control advisors or economic geologists.

Qualifying Exam

Those who possess a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology can pursue their career as Minerologists. A Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry is also desirable for this job. After completing any of these degrees, candidates can get into entry level positions available in the concerned organization. In due course of time, they can acquire enough knowledge to look out for the career of Minerologists. The candidates can also pursue Master of Science degree in Minerology after graduation and join any organization as Minerologist.

Who are eligible to apply?

Those who have passed senior secondary examination can pursue Bachelor of Science degree in Geology or Chemistry. If they want to pursue Master’s degree in Minerology after graduation, then they should qualify the concerned entrance examination. The candidates can join the concerned organization as trainees after completing their graduation. After getting much experience, one can enter into the profession of Minerologist. Those who possess Master’s degree in Minerology can directly apply for the post of Minerologist. Work experience in the related field will be considered as an additional qualification. The aspirants can get the information about the job vacancy through notifications or advertisements. If they possess the specified eligibility requirements, then they can forward their application to the organization.

Key elements in the process

  • Complete senior secondary education
  • Obtain B.Sc degree in Geology or Chemistry
  • Obtain M.Sc degree in Minerology
  • Apply for the job vacancy according to the manner specified on the advertisements or notifications

Skills required for a Minerologist

Minerologists should have strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. They should have the ability to work in hazardous situations as their job includes excavation. They should be aware of various exploration methods so as to trace buried ore deposits.



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