Modernization in agriculture through farming technology courses


Recently, the world has viewed fabulous developments in agricultural output. This has happened mainly due to the better agricultural practices. In most of the countries, it is difficult to bring more and more land area under agriculture. So, the only possible option for these countries is to improve the output of labor and land in agriculture.

How to Modernize Agriculture?

For modernizing agriculture, first of all the existing resources like good weather, people, land, etc have to be improved. Meanwhile, government has to provide health services, information about good storage techniques, access to better seed, agricultural advisory services, marketing and processing avenues, good roads, etc. There is a need for allowing the local authorities to make sure that they have the necessary abilities to accept new challenges as modernization of agriculture requires their support. The local governments are responsible to provide financial services in association with local and external stakeholders.

Role of Education in Modernization of Agriculture

Agriculture has always been the best source of self employment since primitive ages for people all over the landmass. Farmers employ themselves in their land for the sake of their survival. The indispensable need of grains and farmed materials all over the world has resulted in farming as a profession to be technologically updated. This laid foundation to the farming technology courses. Farming technology course deals with resolving all the farming dilemmas, reducing manual hard work by suitable strategies, determining the particular mineral content of a land, determining the climatic condition of the farm area, introduction of new technological machines, etc. The students all over the world pursue this course so as to learn about farming and to make contributions in this field so as to enhance the production.

Listed below are the benefits of education in the modernization of agriculture-

  • Expansion of progressive forms of practical training
  • The course is a mixture of business and science
  • Expansion and experience of essential technologies
  • Improvement and knowledge of training programs and courses
  • Raising of efficiency of experimental work due to the research laboratory
  • Growth of new industrial technologies

Benefits of Modernization of Agriculture

Modernization of agriculture will remove poverty as a result of increased production. Modernization also makes sure that there is sufficient food for all the people. It also helps the farmers to produce good quality crops that sell well in the market. Due to modernization, more jobs will be created in the agriculture sector or the agriculture related activities like processing, storage, transportation, marketing, etc. Thus, modernization of agriculture will be a real benefit to the country.



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