M.Sc. in Geophysics


The course relates to Earth Sciences and can be described as the sub discipline of the subject Physics. The course can be defined as the study of the whole planer Earth through the spectrum of the quantitative observation and its different form of physical properties. The course covers fields such as study of tectonic plates and different kind of geological maps along with different deposit of oils. The course also covers aspects of planetary sciences in a detailed form.


The candidates that are willing to undertake this course have to attain a minimum of 50% in their bachelor level degree in the same discipline or in other discipline. The candidate’s age should also be of a minimum of 20 years as on 01st October as on the year of the ensuing admission. However this eligibility is not followed in most of the institutes.

Course Outlook:

The total course duration in most of the colleges is about two year. Still the part time format of the course is of one year only in some of the colleges.

Job Prospects:

The candidates that have undertaken this course cam explore different form of career opportunities in the field of geodesy. Furthermore, the candidates can also explore job prospects in Technophysics and Geodynamics. Even candidates can find job opportunities in the field of Seismography. Surveying field in terms of geophysics and archeological geophysics can offer excellent job prospects.

Best Places to Pursue:

Indian Institute of Technology, Jamnagar

SGN Khalsa College, Ganganagar



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    Dear Sir,
    My son is pursuing earth science(INTEGRATED) from DU.What i want to know is from where he can do MSc geophysics.