M.Tech in Energy Science and Technology


M.Tech is the highest level of technical education in India. After this, a person can do PhD in that subject. As far as M.Tech in Energy Science and Technology is concerned, it is one of the most important and essential course.

Under the course of M.Tech in Energy science and technology, one needs to study various kinds of sources of energies and its various kinds of applications. Thus by studying these factors, one can also understand the technological aspect of energy resource. Under this course, one is also taught the way to create or produce the various kinds of energy sources for the technological work. The students under this course are also taught various methods of controlling the consumption of energy resources, and its application on the workings.

One needs to be a B.Tech degree holder in order to get admission to the course of M.Tech in Energy Science and Technology. The degree should be of any recognized college or university of India.

Course Outlook:

The duration of the course of M.Tech in energy Science and Technology is of 2 years. It is a full time course and is divided in 4 semesters. Each semester is of 6 months each. After every semester, one needs to appear for an examination, and after being passing in that examination, one gets promoted to the next part or semesters.
Job Prospects:

There are plenty of companies that recruit candidates who have successfully completed the degree course of M.Tech in Energy Science and Technology. The types of companies include petrochemical industries, petroleum industries etc. even various core and machinery companies’ recruits these degree holder in order to supervise their production unit, where consumption of energy resources happens to take place.
Best Places to Pursue:

• Jadavpur University
• Jawaharlal Nehru technical University



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    Sir, I have completed M.Sc in Physics and now doing M.tech in energy technology II, with project on carbon nanotube based fuel cell. So what kind of scope after M.Tech as my basic study is in pure science? I am interested in solar PV.

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    sir i have completed my M.Sc in physics and i doing a job in an engineering college i want to do M.Tech part time can you please tell me the fields and recognised universities where i can done M.Tech in my fields

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    debojyoti debroy:

    which are the best universities in india, uk, us and japan which provides mtech in energy science and technology.

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    kishore kumar:

    Here i want to know the details on M.tech in Energy management and energy audit please provide full details
    thanking you sir,

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    Which universities/institutes have admission through their own entrance?What are the ranking of this universities/institutes?

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    where r d colleges for m.tech energy science

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    I am a production engineer and wants to do M-TECH in Energy field . How much scope is there for me and from where I should do my M-TECH?