Museology course as a tool for preserving the historical essences


The study of Museums and how they were established and what role do they play is known as Museology. Museums preserve the historical legacies in a safe and effective manner. Different traces and symbols of the different historical ages are maintained and preserved in the museums. They enlighten the visitors about historical age and other details of various historical heritages. It can be clearly inferred that the museums are one of the indispensable sources to enlighten the mass about the glory and essence of the past.

Museology course

The courses in museology deal with management, preservation, and other procedures in museums. These courses teach the need of museum collection, museum education, conservation and preservation, documentation and research, museum publication and museum security. These courses give emphasis of preserving our heritage in the best possible manner. These courses teach the importance of preserving different statues, painting, portraits, coins, arts and crafts symbols and all other stuffs. In these courses the candidates learn about arranging the paintings, graphic works in chronological order.

The National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation and Museology provides post graduate diploma course in the History of global art. Apart from this, the institute offers three Master of Arts course and three Ph.D courses as well. Since this institute is located in the National Museum the students are benefited to the maximum by pursuing a course here. The Aligarh University offers Post Graduate Diploma in Museology which trains the students for many technical positions in museums. This University has started a new course Post Master of Science Diploma in Museology recently. CUSAT also offers Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology and Museology. There are many more undergraduate, post graduate and diploma courses like this in Museology. Some of them are listed below.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Museology
  • Master of Arts in Museology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Museology and History of Indian Arts
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Museology and Heritage Conservation

Museology course as a tool in preserving the historical essence

The candidates completing the courses in Museology work in various departments in museums. They need to have knowledge of preserving the historical legacies. They help in arranging the paintings, coins, and graphic works in chronological order. This helps tourist to understand our heritage and culture better. These professionals also take care of the different aspects that are necessary for making the visit of the individuals more informative and more fascinating. Museums help a lot in creating awareness about our heritage to the next generation. All these aspects prove the great significance of museology course in preserving the historical essences.



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