Nagaland University, Nagaland


The Nagaland University Act of 1989 of the Parliament of India in the year of 1994 saw the establishment of this university. This university represents the only Central Government University of the state of Nagaland and is of prime importance to the state. This university operates through its three campuses located in the state in the cities of Lumami (which also acts as the university headquarters), the capital of Nagaland- Kohima and finally Medziphema. The campus at Kohima acts as the interim headquarters in case of any emergency or any utter need. The campuses though belonging to a single university are quite self sufficient and independent in terms of their academic, administrative blocks to effectively manage their daily running.

As for the courses that the university is quipped to provide to its fellow students are quite a large list and often follow in any of the following departments that the university so boastfully posses. There are 25 academic departments which are divided into the three different campuses of the university. They are as follows:

Lumami Headquarters have the following 7 departments:






Political Science


The further 6 departments reside with the Kohima campus of the Nagaland University:







The final 12 departments are functional in the Medziphema campus and those are:

Agricultural Economics and Statistics

Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Sciences

Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Extension


Plant Pathology

Genetics and Plant Breeding


Animal Production and Management


Rural Development and Planning

Soil Conservation

The newly developed additions to the university are Biodiversity, Mass Communication, Gandhian Studies and Tribal education.

This university affiliates different colleges in the state for running these courses. Around 48 colleges have been successfully collaborated to this prestigious university in the varied locations of the state of Nagaland. These are multiple under graduate and post graduate courses that all these departments run and around 21,500 students are a part of it.



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