National Institute of Open Schooling Senior Secondary Exam-Political Science (317) Papers


The senior secondary exam on political science from the National Institute of Open Schooling bases its question from whole of the curriculum. It consists of topics like Sphere of Politics: Power and Authority Freedom and Justice, Nation, State and the Government, The Nation-State and Globalization of Politics. Further it proceeds with Salient Features of the Indian Constitution, Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Duties, The Parliament of India, The State Legislature, Structure and Jurisdiction of Indian Judiciary, Political Parties and Pressure Groups, Case in Indian Politics Reservations, Political violence, Role of Media etc. The outline of the question paper is given below:

Paper Pattern

There will 5 long answer type questions. 8 short answer type and 10 very short answer type questions. Questions in section A are compulsory that are based on the core module. In section B, candidates are given option whereby they can attempt the question either from option I or option II.

Time Duration For The paper

A total of 3 hours are assigned for the whole paper.

Marks Allotted

Marks in this particular paper are primarily divided based on the objective. 28 marks are assigned to knowledge, 40 for understanding and 32 for application which makes it a total of 100 marks. 14 marks are allotted to the topic of Individual and the State, 15 marks are allotted for Aspects of the Constitution of India, 17 marks for Structure of Government, 12 marks for Democracy at Work, 15 marks for Major Contemporary Issues, 12 marks for India and the World. With regard to the optional module, World Order and the United Nations or Administrative System of India, either can be attempted for 15 marks.

Frequently Asked Questions

The question in the paper generally may ask definition of Political Science, meaning of liberalism, essential elements of the state, about federal nature of Indian Constitution, principles of the United Nations, redress of the public grievances, powers and position of the Union Public Service Commission etc.

Recommended Books

JPH Consult me National Institute of Open Schooling Political Science by Pooja Bharti from Jiwan Publishing House, TOP Guide Political Science from Top Publication, RBD Self Teacher Political Science from RBD publisher, Political Science Guide For NIOS from Neeraj Publication are some of the books which can be referred in this context.

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