NET Commerce (Paper III) Papers


National Eligibility Test is held in the months of June and December. The test is held for many subjects, including Commerce. Every subject in this paper has two papers- Paper II and Paper III. Paper II consists of multiple choice type questions. Paper III has essay type questions. The pattern of Paper III has been given here.

Paper III of commerce is a three hour exam. The full marks are 200. The paper has four sections in it. Section I consists of five questions carrying 25 marks. The questions are to be answered remaining within the specified word limit. The word limit for section I is 30 words.

Section II consists of 15 questions of 5 marks each. These questions are also to be answered in 30 words each.

Section III has 5 questions, from each of the electives. Students can answer all the questions from a single elective. The marks carried by these questions are 12 each and the word limit is of 200 words.

Section IV has only one question of 40 marks (one question to be answered out of the four given).This question has to be answer in 1200 words.

Choice of alternative questions is there in the paper.

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    Commerce Model question papers for paper II & III

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    I have cleared my net exam on commerce, then which subject should i specialise as a commerce lecture.

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    i am in need of paper pattern of NET commerce (paper III) December2012

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    Net exam paper III question paper

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    sandip patel:

    June 2012 Commerce
    Paper - III Solution :-
    1A 2B 3C 4D 5D 6A 7B 8C 9A 10C 11D 12C 13B 14A 15A 16D 17B 18C 19C 20A 21B 23A 24D 25B 26C 27A 28D 29C 30A 31B 32A 33C 34D 35B 36A 37D 38B 39C 40D 41D 42B 43C 44A 45D 46C 47B 48D 49A 50C 51C 52C 53D 54D 55B 56B 57A 58B 59S 60C 61D 62B 63B 64B 65D 66C 67A 68A 69A 70A 71C 72B 73B 74D 75D

    PAPER - II Solution:-
    1A 2C 3D 4B 5C 6B 7C 8A 9A 10A 11A 12C 13B 14D 15A 16D 17B 18C 19A 20D 21B 22C 23A 24B 25C 26A 27D 28D 29D 30B 31C 32D 33A 34D 35D 36D 37C 38B 39B 40C 41A 42D 43C 44B 45C 46B 47B 48B 49D 50D

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    sir kindly get me answers for all the papers(II III) of net commerce

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    Hello Sir,
    How can i get a new pattern of commerces 3rd paper.

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    commerce study material III Paper

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    Respected Sir, Please Provided Commerce III Paper Study Material

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    which book i refer for net commerce( paper III) exam. Thank you

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    i have solved que. Paper lll set/net commerce ple. Send my email i hope,.

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    sir, i have been preparing NET for more then one years. please give me suggesion about it. If possible send old question papers before 2004 to my e-mail ID. How can i prepare option paper? Thank you.

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    set/net commerce solved question papers please send as early as possibal