NET Comparative Study of Religions (Paper III) Papers


The papers on Comparative Study of Religions from the National Entrance test which enables one to apply for a lectureship on the above mentioned subject, has two papers. Comparative Study of Religions has paper two and paper three having the same syllabus, but with a different pattern of the question paper.

Paper pattern:

The paper of Comparative Study of Religions (paper III) is a subjective based elaborate essay type question paper. There are four sections in this particular paper; section one, two, three and four.Section one contains two essay type questions which need to be answered in five hundred words. The second section, one has to answer any one question from the given three areas of the electives. Section three has nine questions to be answered in fifty words. Last section has five questions based on a passage given. There are options to be chosen from in most of the questions and space is provided for answering the paper.

Maximum marks and time allotted to the paper:

The maximum marks allotted for the Comparative Study of Religions (paper III) is two hundred only and there are four sections with varied mark schemes and different marks weightage. The time allotted to finish the entire paper is three hours only.

Frequently asked questions:

Some of the mostly encountered questions in the paper are writing a note on the various approaches to the study of religion, mentioning some important religious beliefs of the primitive society. Other questions involve explaination of the sikh concept, features of the Sufi order, significance of the cross in Christianity, etc. Who is Tirthankar, definition of the same, note on the first three Buddhist council etc.


A Comparative Study of World Religions by Dr. Muhammad Sharif Chaudhry

The comparative study of religions: a systematic survey. By Alban Gregory Widgery

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