Netaji Subhas Open University, Post Graduate Commerce (Paper 15) Papers


The Post Graduate commerce paper 15 of Netaji Subhas Open University is the paper of financial statement analysis and Reporting. This paper is an important paper as it deals with some of the very important and crucial topics.

Paper description:

The paper as the name suggest, deals with the study of various kinds of financial statement and solving them so that the company accounts can be properly analyzed. The paper is about understanding the company accounts, the distribution of the finances and the expenses of the company mentioned in the ledger; and then implementing it so that the statements can be established and financial loss or profit of the company can be analyzed.

Frequently asked question:

The question paper has maximum numerical dealing with the expense sheet which requires calculation of profit and loss. Apart from that the problems also demands various kinds of other observations. In theory, financial statement and its types are frequently asked.

Paper Pattern:

The Netaji Subhas Open University Post Graduate Commerce (Paper 15) Paper is of 50 marks only. The paper has all together 8 questions, and the paper is divided into 4 sections. Every section has two questions in it. However, candidates require answering any 4 questions, choosing one from each section. Section A, and C, has questions of 15 marks each, whereas Section B, and D, has questions of 10 marks each.

Marks allotted and time duration:

The time allotted for the paper is two and half hours only. In this two and a half hour, one has to answer the paper of 50. The weightage of marks is 80 percent only.

Recommended books:

Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting Book by Peddina Mohana Rao
Financial Reporting and Analysis by Charles H. Gibson

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