News Analyst – How to become a News Analyst?


News Analysts are the journalists who present the news materials obtained from various sources to the audience. First of all they will collect the news materials and check on its reliability. Then they will give soul to that information by assimilating the facts neatly in a suitable order. Finally they will broadcast it to their audience in every part of the world.

Some of these professional host various news shows which discuss on current news events or significant issues.

Qualifying Exam

Candidates who have completed Bachelor of Mass Communication degree from any recognized university can pursue their career as News Analysts. Those who possess this degree can start their career as interns in any news media. They can move on to the job of reporters then and finally get into the job of News Analyst. Work experience in the concerned field will be considered while giving promotion to the position of News Analyst.

Who are eligible to apply?

Those who have completed the above mentioned degree after passing plus two or its equivalent exam are eligible to apply for the job of News Analyst. But such candidates should possess the sufficient experience as specified by the particular news media. Freshers can apply for the post of trainees and complete their internship specified for a particular period. Then they can work as news reporters so that they can focus their attention to the real time incidents happening on each and every second.  This will help them a lot to nurture their skills in finding interesting news and analyzing it. This kind of experience will enable them to get into the job of News Analyst.

Key elements in the process

  • Complete the intermediate course
  • Obtain the Bachelor of Mass Communication degree
  • Apply for the job of intern
  • Work as reporters and gain practical experience
  • Apply for the vacancy of News Analyst

Skills required for a News Analyst

Active listening skills and Communication skills are indispensable for a News Analyst. Since they take part in variety of discussions, a broad sense of general knowledge is very important for a News Analyst. Also, they should have good writing skills to express their opinion. Another essential skill required for a News Analyst is to have critical thinking ability.



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