Nuclear Power Reactor Operator – How to become a Nuclear Power Reactor Operator?


Electricity is one of the most important forms of energy, which has became an inevitable part of human life. Nuclear Power Plants are more efficient source to generate electricity, compared to that of thermal or hydroelectric Power Plants. Nuclear Power Reactors acts as the main source for generating the electric power. Reactor Operators are the professionals who handle the operations of the nuclear power reactor and other power plant equipments. Their duties also include finding defects on the equipments and report it to the concerned officials.

Qualifying Exam

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering is a must for the candidates who are aspiring to become a Nuclear Power Reactor Operator. It is better to pursue this degree course in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Nuclear Engineering to acquire the suitable skills to work in the Nuclear Power Plants. Those who have completed this degree can apply for various exams conducted by the authority of nuclear power plants. They will short list the candidates according to their performance during the recruitment process and select them for the job of Nuclear Power Reactor Operator.

Who are eligible to apply?

Candidates who have obtained the Bachelor’s degree in Civil, Mechanical or Nuclear Engineering are eligible to apply for the job of nuclear power reactor operator. Experienced candidates will be given preference as they can easily cope up with the challenges of the job. Some organizations demands that the candidates should have specific knowledge in any real projects related to nuclear power plants. If the candidates have done any academic projects on nuclear power plants during their graduation, then it will help them to prove their knowledge in project work.

Key elements in the process

  • Pass plus two in science stream with Mathematics as one of the subjects
  • Obtain Bachelor’s degree in Civil, Mechanical or Nuclear Engineering
  • Apply for the job of Nuclear Power Reactor Operator in diverse firms offering the same

Skills required for a Nuclear Power Reactor Operator

Nuclear Power Reactor Operators should possess the attitude to work in a challenging environment. Another skill required for them is to have the ability to withstand high temperature evolved from the reactor. They should be efficient in handling the processes to monitor the reactor.



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