The largest group of workers in the health sector is those in the nursing department- nurses and nursing assistants. The job of a nurse incorporates an extensive range of responsibilities related to the care of those who are sick or educating those who are well. The profession of nursing requires a spirit of service with dedication, love, affection for the physically incapacitated, sick, injured, and new born. Their training and education imparts knowledge and skill to work in the hospitals, nursing homes, sanatoriums, schools, industries and private clinics. With the advancements in the medical sciences, nursing education has been constantly improving.


Hospital Nursing
Hospital nurse constitute by far the largest group of nurses. The job of a nurse is to give bedside care to convalescing patients. They assist physicians during examination and operation of patients. The profession demands 8-10 hours of work each day. A nurse has to record temperature, change dressings, and assist patients, prepare patients for surgery, administer medication may it be orally or hypodermically.

Other work areas:
• School nurse
• Industrial nurse
• Specialist nurse


The profession of nursing demands unstinted dedication, patience, commitment, orderliness in work, responsibility, and punctuality is essential characteristics for the nursing professionals. A calm, caring and pleasant demeanor is expected of people in nursing profession. Male nursing assistants generally carry out the more physically demanding activities such as lifting the patients from the chairs etc.


Nurses work in a variety of settings ranging from rural outpatient clinics, government hospitals as well as in private hospitals and nursing homes. Conditions of work can vary and do vary considerably. The work requires close contact with patients suffering from variety of illness. There can be a constant risk of infected by hepatitis, pneumonia and other infectious diseases. The work can be stressful and exhausting particularly when the facilities are stringent and duty hours demanding.



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