Opportunities In Tissue Engineering


A course almost like Biotechnology which offers great opportunities is Tissue Engineering. Tissue Engineering is a field with limitless possibilities, according to experts. You may be in for a career that you may not have heard of before, if you are planning to go for a Tissue Engineering discipline. The world is changing and so are the demands and tissue engineering is something that helps to make this change possible.

Considering biochemical and physiochemical factors, Tissue Engineering is a field which also deals with the effectiveness of the combination of engineering, cells and materials in replacing or improving biological functions. Tissue Engineering covers a wide range of applications but is basically a field of science, which is constantly researched to find methods to repair damaged tissues in bone, cartilage, skin, bladder etc. That is, the goal of this field is Tissue regeneration.

It is considered to be a field of great importance and scope. If enough research in the field and new technologies are introduced it is said that Tissue Engineering can even be used to repair tissues damaged due to cancer. Tissue Engineering also involves fusing different tissues of different types of organisms, to develop life forms with desired traits. Therefore, those graduated in tissue engineering have very high chances of making it to research teams of big biotechnological corporations.

Job Opportunities

Tissue Engineering offers a wide range of opportunities in the research wing, development wing, administration wing, machinery wing etc just to name a few, and not to mention opportunities as teachers, which also comes with an attractive pay package. A career in academics is also considered very important most probably because there aren’t many qualified teachers of Tissue Engineering in the World. Most people go for other jobs in the Tissue culture field, rather than taking up jobs as teachers, because the field has that much scope.

There are plenty of vacancies all around the globe as faculty in tissue engineering. This is due to the increasing popularity of the courses similar to tissue engineering. You can even find jobs in international universities that will obviously offer a big pay. Just like genetic engineers, tissue engineers have a lot of opportunities in the field of health care. They can cure damaged cells or replace them with new ones, provided there is enough research and technologies. This has created a demand for tissue engineers in many big world class hospitals and even smaller ones. Tissue engineers can also aid the development and breeding of better crops and also carry out research in the agricultural field.



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